Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We're bustin out of this joint.


A greenhouse at an independent rose nursery in upstate South Carolina. Rose plants are everywhere in their pots on tables.


A tray of rambling roses, slightly older and slightly wiser, they know the drill.

Rose 1 "I hates to tell you dis but I tink we gotta move"

Rose 2 "On no, why, I like it here. We all grew up together on this table."

Rose 1 "I hears through the grapevine there are some new folks moving over from the propagation house. Youngsters, babies, newly rooted fellas, lots of them, different kinds of roses and they need some space"

Rose 2 "But where will we go!?"

Rose 3 "By jove, if we are fortunate we will be purchased by a kind, caring gardener who will bring us into their home, plant us, take care of us and take photos of us to post on those forums for years to come."

Rose 1 "We all hopes for dat but if don't happen don't youse worry. The folks around here ain't throwing us on the compost heap. They've set up a new pad in the adults only greenhouse and we're moving up there until someone buys us."

Rose 3 "Really. More room, more new roses. Does this possibly mean the kind people who work at this establishment are feeling more positive about the future and that people want more choices in their rose buying?

Over to you!

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