Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Puzzles, Oceans and Keeping On

Have you ever been so exhausted that even thinking about being exhausted hurts both in brain and body? That's the way I feel right now. Today, April 1, was the first official day at our new retail location. Growing plants in a locale that gets April freezes means you cannot move leisurely in March. It means you look at the weather forecast March 31 and if the next 15 days are above freezing you move NOW!!

Top it off with flying up to and speaking and the Yankee District ARS convention this past weekend when I probably should have been setting up tables etc at the new retail location and you end up with a very tired rose person. I could have gotten someone to build tables but a) cash is real tight in this economy b) I like doing carpentry and c) I'm Dutch and we are not known for spending money when we can do it ourselves.

My Mother gave me a great book to read called The Dutch Puzzle. In it the Ambassador to The Netherlands from Spain off and on in the 20th century tries to explain the Dutch People. He does a decent job but how do you explain a people who in the face of not enough land to grow food simply drain the ocean. You can't.

But I do know that is why I keep moving and push. Quit is not in my Dutch DNA and never will be.

But you know what really picks me back up? An Irishman. Van Morrison. I sit here tonight with Astral Weeks on the stereo, Avalon Sunset racked up next and with every track spirits are lifted, dikes are built and oceans drained.

Heck, if my countrypersons can do that, I can move a nursery.

Tot Ziens


  1. In all your busyness, you got back to your blog and it was worth the wait. Another good read. I wish you all the very best in your new locations. Wish I was close enough to visit. I will via your website or your blog, of course. I cannot even order from you. That is another bummer. I have a wee question though, if you do not mind. have you ever heard of a rose called "Marge". I did see it in HMF. I would love a source for this to send to a special friend in the US who lost her mum. Her mum was also a special friend of mind. Thanks a million. Good luck again in your new place.
    In my former response to you hear I did mention how much I enjoyed the demo on forming a pillar rose. We are just about to start our climbers, so look forward to your demo on that too. Great job. Thanks.

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  4. Pauline,

    I looked it up and it appears to not be in commerce so I'm afraid we won't be able to help with that.

    Glad you like the videos and blog posts. I had a read through yours and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  5. Thanks Paul. I will come up with something else. Also happy you took a peek at my site, thanks.