Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting Back In Touch With My Inner Rosarian

I have a little secret to share with you. Wanna know the best thing about moving to the new retail location?

The privacy.

No, not at the new retail location but at the old location which is now closed to the public, which means on Wednesday and Thursday while Trish is at the new location I have the entire place to myself.

Wanna know what I did today, this Wednesday? Whatever I darn well wanted to thank you very much! I consolidated the roses in the large greenhouse, propagated for a while, potted up some new cuttings, did some watering, played with the cats and a few other rose chores. Since I now do all my financial stuff only on Monday, then Trish and I ship on Tuesday that means I get two full days on Wednesday and Thursday to myself to...

Get back in touch with my inner rosarian.

You see, I lost that part of myself when I was battling banks and what not. I rarely got the chance to get out into the greenhouses and the roses and well, play with my roses. I call it play because I have a hard time calling it work when I truly love doing it.

At some point we will move and I will be back amongst everyone on Wednesday's and Thursdays but right now while it lasts I'm going keep doing what I want in my roses. And rediscover why I do this in the first place.

Wanna know what I'm going to do tomorrow, Thursday?

Don't know - haven't made it up yet.

And that's my little secret!

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  1. There is nothing like privacy or some time alone.:) I know you are not antisocial, and I am not either, actually, I like to think I am a social queen.:) But boy do I love my own company when sometimes I can just be in lala land and just do what I want! :) not that I do not enjoy hubby Alan's company, but he is such a home buddy and we are both retired, that I rarely get time to myself. I crave it and I think a lot goes back to being an only child, when you are used to being by yourself and having a lot privacy! Anyhow. Paul, you are funny, and I really enjoy your writing and understand fully your passion for roses. I could play with them all day too. Nurturing and watching and smelling. Most days,(in season) I swear I check on each rose about three individual times "each" to see whats up!! new sprouting canes, an aphid or too, a ladybug or two, I do get off on beautiful leaves, even before the swelling flower buds, and the grand finale of the gorgeous blooms themselves!!!

    ........I think I am getting carried away now. Enjoy your private time while it lasts! :) Gee, I hope Trish is not offended that you are enjoying your solitude as opposed to all the hubble and bubble in the nursery. All I can say is you are lucky that you can have your little "secret" right now, knowing that you have everything taken care of by amazing nursery staff! I think you are spoiled!:)

    Thanks for the good read Paul and
    Hi and kudos to Trish!
    Cheers! Pauline.